Learn To Live A Self-Sufficient,
Low-impact Life

...Even if you don't have much space!

Where shall we begin?

The journey to self sufficiency begins with a single skill. What skill do you want to learn about to today?


Raising Backyard Chickens

Looking to raise your own backyard chickens for meat or eggs? The journey to self-sufficiency usually starts with this step. Before getting started, you'll need to choose the right breed and learn the 101 of raising chickens. We've got you covered here

Aquaponics system


Looking to grow your own food? Perhaps you'd like to give container gardening a go? In our gardening section, we've got guides to help your garden, and pantry, flourish, no matter how limited you are by space!

DIY Chicken Waterer - Step 2

Self Sufficient Home

Home is where the heart is. And your home should make your heart full! We are guessing if its a green friendly home, that will happen. In this section, we help you choose the right products that will make you, and mother nature, smile.

About Eco Peanut

Welcome to Eco Peanut – A place where the urban community can come to get inspired to live a self-sufficient, off-the-grid types existance

Like most homeowners, we don’t live on an acreage or a farm, yet we still want to earn our keep and do our part for the earth. With a little creative thinking and a lot of inspiration – this it totally possible. Read the full story here…

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