The Five Best Outdoor Solar Lights For Small Spaces

Did you know the typical moderate halogen outdoor lighting system costs about $25 monthly in electricity?

You can save $300 annually with outdoor solar lighting that harnesses sun energy rather than plugs into your residential electrical system. 

And if you get a home wind turbine, that would be an abundant amount of savings there!

Take the next step in your off-the-grid lifestyle with the purchase of outdoor solar lights.  

Speaking of off-grid, if you’re searching for the best solar power banks to accompany you wherever you go, read some of them here!

How do you know which of the outdoor solar lights to purchase out of everything available on the market?

Save your money and time on the selection of the solar lights with this buying guide.

Types of Solar Lights


Before you choose an outdoor solar light, think about the different types of solar powered options available.

The most important question to ask yourself:

“Why do you need the light in the first place?”

Do you want solar lighting for your garden? Are you looking for a spotlight?

Lights for beauty, function, and security all improve your sustainable space.

Whether you want to show off your favorite garden feature or you wish to display your beautiful home, buy one of the best outdoor solar lights to keep your yard illuminated.

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Motion-Sensing Lights

Users love motion sensing lighting because of the security aspect of the solar lights.

They are great for places like the corners of the house, driveways, your front porch or front door, and anywhere around the house that needs to be illuminated.

The lighting is harsh with these motion-sensing lights, so it isn’t ideal for outdoor seating.

Garden Lights for Entertaining and Brightness

Walk through the store and you easily get overwhelmed at the selection.

One of the most popular choices is garden lights because they maximize the beauty of your space. Placed among plant beds, they illuminate your outdoor area without being too imposing or bright.

Garden lights generate a soft brightness for a warm glow, lowly lit walkways, path illumination, and even along your driveway.

There is no specific way a garden light typically sits with options like ground placement, freestanding, or an elegant lamp post.

See this DIY Mason Jar Solar Lights tutorial and how they could easily perk up your outdoor space:

Spotlights on Your Hard Work

Another solar powered light type is the spotlight.

You’ve seen spotlights outside of your neighbor’s homes or your favorite businesses after hours. In your sustainable space, a spotlight illuminates the most extensive plant beds in the yard.

These lights are easy to direct either at a specific tree, a landscape feature you love, or an area you want to have full-lighting.

Spotlights help accent space, add light when its dark, and making your backyard enjoyable in the evening.

Solar Lights Buying Guide: FeaturessThe Traditional Backyard Aquaponics System’

Solar Lights Buying Guide: Features

​Are you ready to update your home with solar lighting?

Now that you’ve determined the type of lights you want, now consider the features of your purchase.

The most definitive features of illumination are brightness, batteries, and programmable settings.

Garden solar lamp
  • A range of Illumination: Be sure you know the range of lighting you’d want from your solar lights; the typical garden light only illuminates one to two feet with spotlights reaching up to 10 feet.
  • ​Batteries: Solar lights typically come with lithium-ion batteries that get recharged. Battery life depends on the battery’s strength, so check the lifetime before purchasing.
  • ​Settings: Some solar lights come with additional settings like dimness, lighting direction, and illumination time. If you wish to take advantage of these features, check the box for other parameters.
  • ​Brightness: Just like you’d consider with the purchase of any light, take note of the intensity you’d like. LED lighting is measured by lumens, which applies the same concept as watts. Low lighting is about 20 lumens, and solar lights go up as high as over 700 lumens.

The Best Solar Lights

Looking for the best solar lights on the market?

There are superior products of every solar lighting type, whether you want a spotlight or a garden light. Many homeowners make more than one solar lighting purchase for their homes depending on needs in the yard.

As indicated in our buying guide, consider the placement of your lighting while purchasing from the list of best solar lights.

​1. SolarGlow Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights

Signature Garden 6 Pack Solar Garden Lights

This stainless steel solar garden lighting option is one of the best on the market because of functionality and durability.

Stainless steel just doesn’t go out of style!

SolarGlow Garden Lights run on a solar panel or run on battery power from rechargeable batteries.

When fully charged, you get six to eight hours of light!

​Purchase these lights if you want illumination with garden lights that reach about one to two feet.

The defining feature which makes this solar lighting option better than the competition is its stainless-steel composition.

The durable natural of stainless steel makes it impervious to the weather without any significant issues with rain, sleet, snow, and frost.


  • ​No wires needed for the installation of this solar lighting
  • ​Stainless steel specifically withstands harsh weather like sleet or snow
  • ​Auto illuminate feature turns on in low natural lighting
  • ​Available in sets of six for garden or walkway placement


  • ​Some users report the batteries wear out quickly
  • ​Lighting is not for full-yard illumination

​2. InnoGear Solar Light Landscaping Lighting Spotlight

InnoGear Solar Lights Outdoor

With a 200-lumen output, you basically can’t miss this spotlight because it is bright and functional.

You can select a spotlight with a white, warm white, or colorful spotlight color.

For ultimate in-home security, the InnoGear Solar Light Landscaping Lighting Spotlight turns on automatically at night if you set the spotlight for the right spot on your house.  

Since their last iteration of their solar lights, InnoGear has lengthened the stick used to insert the light deeper into the ground and get more stable in the rain.

This version also stays brighter and has more battery life.

Unlike garden lights, outdoor spotlights do require the right placement, or you might find yourself spotlighting the wrong thing!

The most defining feature of the InnoGear Solar Light is the way it stays bright even on days with low sunlight.


  • ​Automatically turns on at night for maximum security
  • ​The rechargeable battery means the light stays bright even on low sunlight days
  • ​Match your lighting color to your preferred brightness


  • ​Only comes in sets so you cannot buy an odd number

3. Heathco White Bayside Mission Style Motion Activated Lantern

Heathco HZ-4132-MW White Bayside Mission Style Motion Activated Lantern

Whether you use the light for security or for spotlighting, the Heathco White Bayside Mission Style Motion-Activated Lantern motion sensor security light looks beautiful and like a traditional outdoor light but activates only when you need it.

This light does run off of a 60-watt incandescent bulb rather than an LED bulb.

Available in white or black, purchase one of these 2.4-pound lights for the exterior of your home.

​More affordably priced than other options, this light by Heath-Zenith uses a motion sensor which you direct where you wish for activation up to 30 feet away.

It triggers with motion to protect the exterior of your home.

It is not full of features. For a simple, clean look, this is the product for you.

Unlike other options on the market, this solar light looks like a traditional carriage light in the classic Mission style.


  • ​Stylish look
  • ​A large detection range
  • ​Long battery life


  • ​Hardwired
  • Installation is tight for some users
  • ​Bulb not included

​4. Moonrays Montclair-Style Stained Glass Post Cap Light

Moonrays 91262 Montclair-Style Premium Output Solar Powered Stained Glass LED Post Cap Light

Do you love the style of high lights throughout a yard or walkway?

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for lighting that is six or eight feet tall, work around the expense with a cap light.

A cap light just sits on top of a lightpost, fence, or railing.

The Moonrays Montclair-Style Stained Glass Post Cap Light is the right solution for people looking to light posts without too much expense.

Each light costs just over $10. Post lighting works on fencing, deck posts, and short posts you put in place specifically for a big outdoor party.

You’ll love that this light lasts about eight hours when fully charged and provides soft illumination in an outdoor space.

The most prominent advantage of this product is your ability to install and place the lights throughout the posts or perches in your yard.


  • ​Easy installation so you can add more for parties and other events
  • ​Battery life extends past eight hours for an entire evening of illumination
  • ​Stylish stained glass option is available for a high-end look


  • ​Limited warranty effectively won’t replace the bulbs for manufacturer’s error
  • ​Sized only for a four-inch postSized only for a four-inch post

​5. Frostfire Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

Frostfire 16 Bright LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

The Frostfire Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Light is a heatproof and waterproof light that does well in outdoor environments.

When you are building a sustainable home or you are off-the-grid, protecting your animals with a motion sensor light saves you money.

You will know if an intruder (human or animal) is in your yard with this extremely bright motion-sensor option.

It requires no batteries, no installation difficulty, and no cables connect!

This light is not highly decorative and looks more functional than beautiful. This serves well as a security light or light for a shed.

The standard setting is to turn off ten seconds after motion occurs within three meters of the light.

Buy this no-frills product if you want a security light with a lifespan of five years or more.


  • ​Waterproof and heatproof means you won’t be buying a new one soon
  • ​Affordable pricing for people with all price constraints
  • ​Stays bright for ten seconds but then turns off to save battery life


  • ​Less stylish than other lighting options
  • ​The activation zone is smaller on this security light than others

Final Solar Light Selection

Solar Garden Light

​More than anything, the selection of solar lights for your home depends on your purposes for use. Each option on this list depends on your needs and the style of your home.

You might want the motion-activated lantern over your back deck or garden lights throughout your favorite patch of land. A simple solar lantern to hang in the trees will do, too.

Any of the five options listed are going to accentuate your home!

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